Waste Water Treatment Method

In order to solve the above mentioned problems, it is necessary to find out new methods for the treatment of the waste water. One of the best methods for the effective treatment of waste water is biomethanization (anaerobic digestion.) It is a technology involving microorganism. Biodegradable organic waste water can be treated for producing Biogas. The main component of which is methane gas, an alternative energy source. The treated liquid can be utilized as liquid organic manure.



  • Generation of Biogas from this treatment- is an alternative energy source.
  • Maintain the environment beautiful and clean.
  • The treatment process is an eco friendly process.
  • The recurring expenses for this method are very less.
  • Organic Manure


The treated waste water (slurry) can be used effectively in any type of soil and for any crop. It is good manure because it contains high NPK content.


Collection of gas generated

During the anaerobic treatment of waste or the biomethanization process, biogas is generated. This gas is stored in specially designed gas collectors such as gas balloons, gas holders etc. This gas is mainly used for cooking purposes.


Designing of a plant

The plant has been designed based on certain criteria. The first and the foremost thing is that, more attention has to be given to the organic matter in the waste water that to be treated. The second criteria is importance to the land condition where the plant proposed to install. There are many designs available but lagoon type digesters are more suited for waste water treatment because they are more cost effective and simple in operation.

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