EPC and Infra Development

We stand at the threshold of a new globe, a dwelling where dreams are valued and lives are positively focused. In this world, roads will lead us to our collective destination, energy & power will brighten a million lives and engineering will change the way things are made. 

Grossky Infra Solutions is an Unique  group in the field of Electrical and Construction firm which is mainly based on Installation and commissioning almost all types of Electrical Products like Transformers, Aerial Bunched cables, LT cables, Service wires, Insulated conductors  and Substation upto 11 kV etc. and Trading of all branded electrical products, and even handling Solar Power Projects. Not only these  but Grossky Group is a Rewound  group amongst all the Electrical Consultants and Electrical Contractors in Odisha also.

Grossky is the 1st & Efficient organization to create & implement Green Power Revolution in Odisha by doing Solar Power Projects in Odisha .

 In addition to this Grossky  also do work Pole pilling, PVC Conduit Piping  and all type of Earthling

Our focus has increasingly broadened to embrace the sustainable development through quality products with full back support for service after sale.

We have a very strong customer base in odisha and supply our Domestic and Industrial equipment and all type of Electrical Goods to various District in Odisha.

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